Restaurant-Pizzeria St-Laurent has been in Riddes for 24 years


Donato Profico, born in 1942, left his native Italy when he was just sixteen and a half years old to find work. In 1959 he decided to come to Switzerland helped by his uncle who had already worked in the tunnels in Upper Valais. In Ulrichen he was hired as an underage help for one year between 1960 and 1961. Initially, he was a truck machinist, then a site truck driver for road building and other civil engineering works.

Since he had liked contact with the public from a young age, Donato's dream was to become a sommelier, but at that time the wage for this occupation was low and he could not have afforded to decently feed a family.

In 1962 he changed employment and enlisted as a truck driver in the fruit and vegetables sector until 1968. Then he became warehouse boss in the same sector until 1975.

In 1963, he met his future wife Rita. They married in 1965 and have two children, now aged 47 and 48 years.

From 1977 to 2000, he worked as manager of a fruit and vegetable ecoopérative.

From 2001 to the present, he has headed a group of fruit and vegetable businesses in Valais and is quality manager of the company, also dealing with imports of stone fruit from Spain.

Parallel to this activity, Rita and Donato decided in 1983 to embark on something closer to the public and hired the "Café de la Place" in Riddes and managed it for 5 years.

Drawing on this experience, they created the St-Laurent restaurant & pizzeria on October 10, 1990 in the heart of the city of Riddes.

Restaurant-Pizzeria St-Laurent - take-away-pizza

The Restaurant-Pizzeria St-Laurent

Surrounded by 9 employees including a pizza chef and two cooks, they offer classic Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta and an à la carte menu for corporate dining, business lunches, family celebrations and more.

Since Riddes is a village in a wine-growing area, and Rita and Donato always try to highlight local wines; they have around thirty regional wines on offer. Food-wise, they try to offer a maximum of fresh regional produce and work with local village traders.

In a setting reminiscent of Italy, and with air conditioning, Rita and Donato enjoy welcoming guests and sharing with them their love of Italian cuisine. Loyal customers, friends, families and corporate employees gather in the restaurant.

In fact, thanks to the restaurant's seating for 100 persons, the St-Laurent can accommodate your corporate and private events, with a menu of your choice.

The workaholic Rita, a real cornerstone of the St-Laurent, masterfully manages the employees, the ordering of merchandise, and welcoming guests ...

Push open the door of the St-Laurent, Rita, Donato - their team are just waiting for you!

Restaurant-Pizzeria St-Laurent - local-wines